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Timeshare contracts

TimeShare Contracts

Recent Supreme Court rulings have turned the tide in favour of timeshare owners. The changes mean contracts in perpetuity, floating weeks, deposits paid during the cooling off period and timeshare sold as an investment are now deemed unlawful.

Even if you have been unsuccessful previously or told you didn’t have a case, we can help you get out and receive compensation.

What Has Change

The Supreme Court rulings are complex but put simply there are 4 main decisions that are good news for owners.

-Perpetuity contracts (over 50 years) entered into after the 5th of January 1999 have been declared unlawful.
-If timeshare owners paid an advance payment, or deposit during the “cooling off” the contracts are also unlawful.
-If the contracts were described as “Floating arrangement/weeks” then the contract was also unlawful.
-If the timeshare product was presented as an investment or it was suggested the resale value would increase there is a case for mis-selling.

What will it cost to exit my timeshare contract?

Every case is different and there are a wide number of factors which may affect the amount of work involved and therefore the costs of arranging for you to fully, finally and legally exit your contract.  What we can tell you is that we will only take up your case, whether for exiting your timeshare contract, pursuing a compensation (or both), if we are fully confident that we will be able to successfully complete the process on your behalf.

Which timeshare resorts/groups can you help with?

We have many years of experience in helping timeshare owners to get out of their unwanted timeshare, points or fractional contracts with groups/resorts throughout the UK, Europe and the rest of the world – and we have had success in helping customers of Diamond Resorts International, Club La Costa/CLC, RCI, Silverpoint, Marriott, Resort Properties, and Anfi among others.

There are however certain timeshare contracts that we are not currently able to deal with.  So, for a truly independent view of where you stand and to find out whether & how we can help you, please contact us today.

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Time Share Contracts

If you have had enough of your Timeshare membership, there are a few options you have in regards to getting out of Timeshare.

Terminating a Time Share

Terminating a Timeshare contract is difficult for a reason, they will make it as difficult as they can for you to leave your timeshare for their own interest.

Getting Out Of Time Share

If you have had enough of your Timeshare membership, there are a few options you have in regards to getting out of Timeshare.

Consumer Rights

In 2015, a new legislation called The Consumer Rights Act (CRA) 2015 came into effect, whereby all Consumers gain extra power against the Sellers.